Curriculum & Internships

studentThe Georgia Archives Institute is a two-week program held at the Georgia Archives, located at 5800 Jonesboro Road in Morrow, Georgia.

Week one of the Institute provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and practices of managing all formats of documentary materials in archival repositories. Emphasis is placed on arrangement and description. Additional topics include selection and appraisal, acquisitions and accessioning, reference and access issues, legal and administrative issues, and electronic records.

handsWeek two begins with a day-long class on preservation, which includes general strategies of preservation management, causes of deterioration, storage environments, disaster preparedness, security, and simple preservation maintenance procedures. Included will be a demonstration of some basic holdings maintenance techniques.

To link archival theory with real world applications, the second week also includes three-day internships in local repositories.  This provides an opportunity for students to observe the operations of an archival facility combined with hands-on experience processing archival collections.


More information about internships may be found at the GAI Internship Wiki